Timeline for the future


2040’s – Beginning of Solar system’s manned exploration
2042 – First manned flight to Mars
2052 – First steps of The Martian Project (Terraforming of Mars)
2055 – Indian Space Program builds the first orbital factory
2057 – First Automation Control Artificial Intelligence goes online.
2059 – First fusion reactor is build in France.
2063 – Earth’s population reaches 10 billion
2068 – Dauntles, the first fusion-powered spaceship
2074 – First steps of the Jupiter Project (Terraforming of Jupiter’s various moons)
2075 – First neural implants installed.
2080’s – Beginning of manned deep-space exploration
2087 – Earth’s first orbital spaceport is built by China.
2098 – First faster than light ship, Einstein, makes it’s maiden voyage. (1.2 X light-speed)
2099 – Vat-grown meat sales ban is lifted in EU. “Artificial organics” sales start en mass.
2103 – First interstellar flight
2104 – Bio- and nanotechnology gives birth to firs “parahumans”. Roots of Transhumanism.
2106 – First manned interstellar flight (to Alpha Centauri), Elysium is discovered to be nearly habitable.
2107 – First true aquatic habitat, Atlantis II, is built.
2110’s – Beginning of star-age
2111 – World population reaches 14 billion.
2112 – Terraforming of Elysion.
2113 – First Autonomous Control Unit AI (Delta-4) goes online.
2136 – Second-generation FLT (3.5x light speed)
2174 – Mars is habitable
2175-2190 – First Colonization Wave – Some 1bn humans emigrate from Earth
2179 – Europa is habitable
2181 – Elysion is fully habitable
2193 – Third-generation FLT (10x light-speed)
2210 – 10 planets are habitable
2210-2260 Second Wave of Colonization – Some 3.5bn humans (more than 5 million/month) emigrate from Earth.
2251 – 4rd generation FLT (20x light-speed)
2251 – Start of what is known as the Troubled Times. Earth’s various institutions are on each others throats, and this is reflected in the colonies. Protests and riots become everyday life in the the colonies outside the Solar System (but not in Elysium).
2256 – Augustan Incident. Colonial peacekeepers kill 800 insurgents in Augusta. Troubles escalate.
2260-2271 – COLONIAL WARS. Starting with Augusta, the colonies declare independence from Earth and it’s institutions. Earth’s strong and violent reaction only strengthens their resolve.
2267-2268 – The 800 Day Plague. More than 400 million people die on Earth.
2271 – Armistice. Colonial Wars end with no clear victor. Colonies start the Great Embargo, banning all trade and transports to and from the Solar System. Earth’s fleets manage to keep trade open to Elysium.
2289 – FIRST CONTACT with Ilbarrians. Two unmanned probes meet in deep space.
2293 – Treaty of Friendship and Trade is signed. This is the foundation of Earth-Ilbar relations, which does not sit well wit the Colonies, as they are not included and Ilbar blatantly ignores the Great Embargo.
2296 – First contact with Leptians. Ilbarrians alert humans to the existence of Leptians.
2308 – The Stardocks of Mars are completed. Largest single starship yard and docks in human space are built on and around Phobos (while Deimos serves as a defence platform). Auxiliary Docks are in Mars proper an on the Moon). These stardocks are essential to Earth’s 10ly doctrine*.
2318 – Ilbar Mission to Humanity starts. Ilbarians send diplomats to every Capital planet in the Colonies, and start facilitating better Earth-Colonies relations. They do this with subtle but clear threats and blackmail. High Representative of Ilbar to Human Space, (known to humans as) Siolre Almic becomes famous for her strongarm diplomacy with the colonies. HRPHS Almic later becomes honorary ambassador of Earth Alliance and at the venerable ages of 113, the first President of the Southern Alliance. Almic dies in 2394 (age of 118) and is the only person ever to get a State funeral from every state in Human Space.
2320 – The Great Embargo ends. Earth Alliance and the colonies sign a formal peace treaty. The Colonies hope to cash in on Earth’s contact with the aliens, but it does not go as planned.
2321 – First contact with Ausians. Ausian probe enters human occupied Star System.
2336 – Strongpoint* technology is introduced.
2339 – Earth Alliance starts building it’s first Farpoint Stations.
2342 – 2402 Third Colonization Wave – over 6bn humans emigrate.
2350 – 5th generation FLT (30x light-speed)
2389 – Stellar Union is formed.
2391 – First contact. From both the ausians and the leptians, humans and ilbarrians learn about two more species: Tindeans and Wotirnians, who habit the space thousands of light-years from Earth.
2393 – Earth and Ilbarri form the Southern Alliance. As a sign of goodwill, Ilbarri hands out most of their technology that has not yet reached human hands, including the recently developed 6th gen FLT. Earth, on the other hand funds the development of Friendship Colony*
2398 – 6th generation FLT (40x light-speed)
2403 – Earth’s Population reaches 12 billion. To this time, some 12bn humans have left Earth over the time (over a period of 293 years, almost 45 million people per year. That’s 125K every day), mainly during the three Colonization Waves. Earth’s population peaked at 16bn in 2342, just at the start of the Third Colonization Wave.*
2414 – Stellar Credit Transition Period starts 1.1.2414 (5 year period)
2414 – Monday 6.1. – NOW

Earth Alliance:
Earth (population w./ the Moon 12.5 billion)
Mars (pop 2.5bn)
Rest of the Solar System (approx. 1bn)
Elysium (5bn)

*Jupiter Defence Perimeter – JDP is a zone (starting from Europa’s orbit) where all spaceships must stop. No spaceship is allowed deeper in the Solar System without permission. Breaking this law can lead up to 3 million credit fine and up to 6 years in prison. Defence Force is allowed to use lethal force against any and all unauthorized ships in and beyond asteroid belt.

  • The Martian Fleet is the strongest starfleet in human space. It is a essential element in the 10ly doctrine (Earth’s space warfare doctrine with aims to be able to attack and subjugate any planet within a 10 light-year distance from Earth.
    It consists of The Martian Fleet (based in Phobos) and Auxiliary Fleet (based in the Moon).
    Martian Fleet has 2 Fleet Carriers, 1 Light Carrier, 4 Battleships, 2 Battlecruisers, 8 Cruisers, 4 Light Cruisers, 8 Destroyer Leaders and 6 Destroyer Escorts. It is supported by 12 Frigates, 20 Corvettes and 20 Cutters.
    Martian Auxiliary Fleet has 1 Fleet Carrier, 1 Light Carrier, 1 Battleship, 2 Battlecruisers, 3 Cruisers, 5 Light Cruisers, 3 Destroyer Leaders and 6 Destroyer escorts. It is supported by 14 Frigates, 25 Corvettes and 30 Cutters.

That is 57 FTL combat craft, plus 121 System combat craft.
3 Fleet Carriers
2 Light Carriers
5 Battleships
4 Battlecruisers
11 Cruisers
9 Light Cruisers
11 Destroyer Leaders
12 Destroyer Escorts

  • Strongpoints are astrogation beacons that make space travel easier. Strongpoint effectively reduces the travel time by 10%
    Furthest human-built Strongpoint (Estrima Station) is 112ly from Earth. Furthest ilbarrian-built is 347ly from Earth, it takes over ten years to reach it. Not actually true: 3 unmanned Strongpoint-factories were sent out to craft Strongpoints around three known stars in 2341. Two of them reached their destination 41-48 years later, trekking almost 1000ly to reach their destination. The two remaining factories constructed Strongpoints that are 829 and 962 light years away from Earth. Two manned flights were sent out to these locations in 2401, and they will reach them in 25+ years.
  • Friendship Colony is a titanic project that is supposed to bring Humans and Ilbarrians closer together. It’s first stage is a massive space station (largest ever built by humans) in orbit of a large gas giant in Alliance System (Mallory star). Mallory star is situated roughly in mid point between Earth and Ilbarr. The true scope of the project is to terraform and Ilbarform the two moons of Alliance I. Earth is dedicated to fund this project, with Ilbarin State covering 10% of the cost, and rest of the humans covering roughly 5% of the cost. Full 3% of Earth’s GDP is focused on this project. This is the most expensive project Earth has undertaken since the terraforming of Mars and Elysion over 200 years ago. 2 billion people (both humans and ilbar) are in some way connected to this project, from space workers building the station to under-contractors making rivets for it. In January 1st, 2404, the partially completed station was opened for businnes. Now, in august 1st 2404, it already houses 300000 humans and ilbars. It’s full capacity will be around 650K permanent residents, with some additional 50-100K non-permanents. The ongoing terraforming is supposed to be ready in 30 years, making it the fastest terraforming project ever. It is also the most challenging terraform ever, as Alliance I&II can’t really support terraforming.
    As a side note: Mallory Star is 102 light years from Earth. So with it’s new Strongpoint and 5gen FLT it takes over 3 years to get there from Earth
  • Every hour, passenger liners depart from Earth, carrying with them more than 5000 people who are set out to settle among the stars. Only 10-15% of the passengers of these liners are on other business than emigrating. Three massive space-stations, Haven, Hope and Home handle this massive mass-movement. About 15% of it is handled by two other, far smaller stations, Glory and Ascension. The three H’s are each capable of handling almost 100K passengers. Glory and Ascension can both handle some 20000 passengers. Haven and Glory are situated in Earth orbit, Hope in Moon orbit, Home and Ascension orbit Mars and Home is in orbit around Europa.

Cryosleep: One out of ten people get either mental or physical problems from cryo (called Cryoterror and Cryoshock). Most people don’t want to use it, as it makes many things difficult for you. Spending 4 years in cryo means that you’re dead to the world for four years. Your family and friends age even if you don’t.
Military contracts (and few other governmental contracts) often make cryo mandatory, because training soldiers is costly and you don’t want them to die of old age before their “natural time” (and let’s face it, the military really hates loitering. It’s not going let squaddies sit on their arses for couple of years) .

Systeemin sisäiset nopeudet

0.0092c, eli about 1/100 valon nopeus,
Lentonopeudet 10-11milj km/h
Nopeimpien alusten vauhti ehkä 12milj km/h? (warppivoimalaitos)
Hitaimmat liikennöivät alukset ehkä 8milj km/h? (ilman warppivoimalaitosta)

Maasta Jupiteriin on noin 928 milj km – 629 milj km (pelissä laskennallinen keskiverto 780 milj)
Matka maasta siis 4.5 vuorokautta – 2.5 vuorokautta
Maasta Marsiin on noin 55milj km – 400milj km (pelissä laskennallinen keskiverto 230 milj km)
Matka maasta siis 1.2 vuorokautta – 0.7 vuorokautta
(matka-ajat teoreettisia, ei huomioitu esim asteroidivyöhykettä)

It takes 2h11min for information to travel 1ly.

Timeline for the future

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